Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Still in shock

How am I supposed to focus on work at a time like this???

Bloggers are kicking serious ass right now. Congrats to PowerYogi, TDC, and Megami!

Had to check my phone this morning to verify that yes, I did in fact receive a phone call from the 773. My boss and former boss were elated by the news, and of course took credit for their excellent recommendations.

I must have built up some really good karma or something. I wish I could bottle this good fortune and save some for the internship & job hunt.

Early on in this process, everybody was talking about the oddball Chicago essays. I always kinda liked them best and had a great time writing them, so I think I'll share my "choices", so to speak. Keep in mind that a creative or original idea is probably least important for these essays. I think it's much more important to choose something you really believe in, and tell a great story with solid reasons for your choices. I don't think any of my choices were particularly original, but I had fun with them and I definitely used humor in the essays and really tried to let my personality come through.

Mascot--polar bear (however, I didn't give him a name or anything)
Celebrity--Oprah (which is kinda interesting because one of my friends in Chicago just landed a job with Oprah)
Hero--my grandmother

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