Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're #1

So Business Week just announced that Chicago GSB is their new top dog. Whispers had been circulating this week that it might happen, and now the Hyde Park Center is atwitter with the latest accolade.

This weekend's Fall Preview for prospective GSBers should be fun.

And good luck to Round 1 applicants who are finishing up their applications this weekend in time for the Oct 18th deadline!

Snow in October?

Yep, its snowing here in Chicago as I type. On October 12th. Awesome.

Another strange thing I've seen here recently: A couple weeks ago it stormed really hard. Torrential rain, heavy winds, lots of lightening. Tons of trees went down, in fact they are still clearing the debris out of Hyde Park. So anyway, I was driving down Lake Shore Drive to school and noticing that the lake was really churned up, which is typical after a storm. The waves get big enough that your mind is *almost* fooled into thinking its the ocean. I go to exit at 57th street, where there is one of the city beaches, and notice figures bobbing in the water. Surfers. In Lake Michigan. Trying to make the most out of the storm and the "swell" it created. Felt like a scene straight out of the movie "Step Into Liquid." (Great movie, see the trailer here, there are a couple of brief clips from the segment about Great Lakes surfing)

And since I have so much time on my hands (ha--more like, so much desire to procrastinate and put off finishing a paper for tomorrow), I found a trailer for another surf movie on YouTube that is all about Great Lakes surfing:

God, I love YouTube.

On the school front:
Classes are good
Social life is good
Recruiting is good

Theme of the quarter so far: How am I so busy? We are second years, aren't we supposed to be coasting through it by now???