Monday, January 03, 2005


No new posts lately because I've been busy. I didn't do any work on my Wharton app when I was at home, so I had to get cracking. In between work, having holiday fun with friends, and watching football, I've made slow but steady progress on my essays. One of my big challenges was modifying my primary career progress/goals/why mba essay for Wharton. The main problem is that one of the examples I use in that essay is perfect for the impact essay (#2). So I had to come up with some new examples & tie-ins/transitions to make it work. I think the new version works pretty well, but I need my proofreader (AKA Mom) to take a look at it. Other than that, I feel pretty good about making the January 6th deadline. Work will be a little busy this week because of month & year end reporting, and the remaining BCS games are on Monday & Tuesday nights, but they'll be over around 9 pm on the West Coast, so I'll have some time before bedtime to make sure everything is on point for Thursday.

I had a pretty good New Year's Eve. I'm over the whole "buy a fancy outfit and spend a bunch of money to get into a club and hang out with a thousand people you don't care about" thing. There is so much hype around New Year's Eve that it rarely lives up to expectations, and it's just not worth all that money. I'm down with going to a house party or your regular bar, and letting the night take you wherever it may go. My friends and I went the regular bar route last year and did it again this year. We have a friend that works in a bar downtown and it's our usual spot. So that means no cover, cheap drinks, and our friend who is working gets to feel like she gets a New Year's too. It's a beautiful thing. The best part? Four of us spent $80 TOTAL for the whole night, including parking, cab ride home, booze, and burritos at 2 am. And to think some people spent more than that per person just to get in somewhere. BUWAHAHAHA!

Quote of the night, from our bartending friend's little sister, who was letting two guys feed her way too many shots. Context...said during the cab ride home, in reference to hitting her head as she dismounted her bar stool (read: fell off), and the fact that the guy she made out with at midnight had witnessed it and decided to move on for the night:

"Seizures. Gyrations. Whatever. It could have been hot."

Classic :)

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Redwolf056 said...

Time for a fun New Year's and getting apps done- pretty damn good! No wonder you didn't have time to post. And I'm totally with you on the low cost night out. You can have just as good a time, if not better, and not waste the cash which will be much needed down the road.