Sunday, January 09, 2005

McCombs reception

When I received my admit to McCombs, I was also invited to a reception here in San Diego. It was this evening and it was a lot of fun. It was held at the private home of a McCombs 2nd year student. The assistant dean of the MBA program sent me an email earlier in the week to let me know that he would be there, so it was nice to meet him. He was there with a group of about 20 current students, both 1Y and 2Y, who will be meeting with several companies here in San Diego before heading up to San Francisco. I hadn't expected current students to be there so it was a nice surprise. There were also several local alums at the party. Everyone I met was really cool and had great things to say about McCombs & Austin, and it was interesting talking to them about their job searches. They all highly recommended attending McCombs Preview. I was the only prospective student/admit present, and apparently I'm the only one in San Diego (so far).

As for the Preview weekend, it could get crazy. McCombs Preview is April 7-9 (Thu-Sat). Anderson Days is April 9-11 (Sat-Mon). Oh boy. I definitely want to go to both. The schedule for McCombs Preview hasn't been finalized, but it sounds like Friday & Saturday are the fun days, Thursday more of a travel day. So I'm hoping Saturday at Anderson Days is more of a fluff day and I won't miss much if I don't arrive until late evening from Austin.

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