Monday, January 24, 2005

How do you tell someone...

that their breath smells like butt? Someone I work with has the most rank breath ever. It wasn't always this bad so I'm not sure what is going on. Anytime we talk in close proximity, I feel like I have to put a poker face on and do my best not to flinch when he talks. If anyone has any ideas of how to tactfully confront someone regarding their halitosis, let me know. Something has got to be done, but I don't want to damage a working relationship.

Booked my ticket to Chicago today. I *heart* Southwest Airlines. Great prices, easy scheduling/reservations, easy to earn free tickets. Direct flights to and from Midway at convenient times for $175. My friends are so excited that I'm coming to visit again and have started campaigning in earnest to get me to Chicago. I'm looking forward to seeing them, experiencing a little bit of Chicago winter to see if I can handle it, and learning more about the GSB.

I've started pros/cons lists for Chicago & UCLA. I'm not going to post them just yet, but I probably will in the near future.

My weekend was awesome, but I'm exhausted. I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend. Hit Big Bear for some snowboarding with friends on Saturday. We made it a day trip so it was a long day. The drive up wasn't bad, but the 38 was closed with a rock slide, so there was only one way down the mountain (330/30) at the end of the day and it took us 3 hrs just to get down to the Redlands, not to mention drive back to San Diego. We left the mountain at 5:30 and got home around 10 pm, with only one stop for food. We were all tired and a little looney towards the end. I hallucinated a wiener dog in the car in front of us. (I actually said out loud "Look at that cute dog!" and everybody was like "What dog??") That provided needed entertainment for the rest of the drive. The hand shadow wiener dog is now our running joke, and I will be the first to crack it because I can laugh at myself. The next morning we were driving up to Torrey Pines for the Buick Invitational, entering the reserve from the north end along the beach. Me: "Dolphins! For real this time!!" There were 20+ dolphins just offshore, surfing the waves, jumping, playing. It was an incredible sight, it would have been awesome to be out there surfing with them (if I actually surfed, that is).

The Buick was so much fun. A friend of a friend works for the Buick/PGA Tour (yes, I've got her on my list of people to contact for internship/job stuff). She hooked us up with passes for the day. Torrey Pines is beautiful...makes me want to take up golf! Highlights from the day:

  • Seeing Tiger get sandy twice on #1 and still make par
  • Seeing Tiger & Lehman tee off from about 10 ft away
  • Ending up positioned perfectly to see Sergio make a great shot out of the rough on #15, also close enough to see that he was wearing plaid boxers under white pants (who does that?? not to mention, white in January?)
  • Seeing Daly drop his cigarette, make his put, pick up the cig and cut up with the crowd
  • Sitting in the stands on #18 to witness Howell3's approach shot hit the pin, bounce practically out of the hole and into the water hazard (that was killer! and it cost him at least 2nd place by himself and maybe 1st)
  • Fellas, sorry to say that we saw neither Phil's nor Tiger's hot wife, but we were on the lookout

If anybody saw the telecast, you know about the fog. It had been wreaking havoc all week. It was pretty incredible, you could see it hanging around offshore and you knew it was only a mater of time before it moved in. It was so thick for awhile that we were sure play was going to be called for the day and we nearly left. We were really happy that we stuck around because the sun came back and it was a pretty great finish. I'm telling you, if you have the opportunity to go to a PGA event, go. It's like a carnival, with all of the booths with free stuff, activities, lots of beer and food. The best part is that you are up close and personal with the greatest golfers in the world.


PowerYogi said...

hey WC, did you get the offical package etc from C yet ?

Wakechick said...

Nothing yet, Yogi. I did call the office today to confirm the dates of admit weekend. Two full days of activities, March 4-5. Should be fun, looking forward to meeting you!

PowerYogi said...

thanks - i guess the dates were what i was looking for. Southwest Providence-Midway $175.40 ;-) I'm looking forward to meeting you too.

byron said...

Hi Wakechick,

I emailed you the Admit Weekend schedule they gave me today. Looks better than last year's. :-)


bskewl said...

Three posts and not one bit of advice yet on how to inform your coworker gently?

Leave a gentle anonymous note. Say, "I'm not trying to upset you. I have not talked to anyone else about this. But I think you should know that your bad breath is a problem that you should look into. Please do not be upset, but please see a dentist or ear/nose/throat doctor."

Dave for MBA said...

Agree with bskewl, but I'd type it.