Thursday, January 06, 2005

Done! (for real this time)

I'm the girl who cried wolf. I claimed to be done with b-school apps back in November, only to decide to apply to Wharton Round 2 in the eleventh hour. This time I really am done...I swear!

I just attempted to officially pull the trigger on the W app, but it appears there is a little glitch in the system right now in that the Round 2 option has disappeared from it's drop down menu and they won't let you submit the app without selecting a round. Hopefully that will be fixed in the AM.

I am really excited to be applying to Wharton. I drew a hard line at 5 applications for Round 1 and didn't think I would be able to apply in Round 2. It was a tough decision to drop Wharton from my Round 1 lineup, so I'm happy that it's back in the lineup and I won't be wondering "what if" a couple of months from now. The funny thing is, since it's my last app, it might be my strongest (despite the rush) and the delay may end up working to my advantage. We'll see if adcom agrees.

In other W news, I attend a coffee chat tonight put on by Wharton Women in Business. A first year (and San Diego native) hosted it and fielded questions from a small audience. The audience included a R1 admit, a partner of a R1 admit, a Fall '06 prospective, and yours truly. So the questions were all over the place, from living arrangements to partners finding jobs to GMAT study strategies. Very casual. One interesting thing is that she was the first Whartonite I've talked to who lives in the on campus grad student dorm. Sounds like it's a pretty typical dorm, very close to campus, cheaper than apartment living, but has some minor drawbacks, such as space and the fact that most folks live in Center City so that's where the action is. I don't think I could handle the space thing, but it would be nice to be that close to Huntsman during the winter. It was also nice to talk to the admits about the process after you submit the app.


Classy said...

You KNOW DM and I would love to have you a couple hours away from us this fall. I'm pulling for you Babe! :-)

Redwolf056 said...

I think you're on to something with the last app/best app thing. Good luck with it!

Enviro MBA said...

Congrats! and best of luck.

aregon23 said...

Good news travels in three's! So with 2 in the kitty here is to going for broke.