Friday, March 18, 2005

The wrath of St. Patrick

Hangover. Ugh.

First Irish Car Bomb around 5 pm during halftime of the Arizona-Utah State game. Zero to drunk in 5.3 minutes. Really didn't need to do two more later in the evening, but buckled under peer pressure as my friends were saying, "You're leaving us in three weeks....DRINK, BITCH!"

Ugh. There is a reason why I normally don't drink on weeknights.

I have to go interview a candidate for my replacement. Gotta get my game face on.


britchick said...

Hope the hangover has abated. I must say that drink sounds as disgusting as the name is tasteless.

Wakechick said...

Yeah feeling better, but needless to say, there was no alcohol consumed yesterday.

Very tasteless name. However, if you drink it fast enough, it sorta tastes like a milkshake. Sorta.

britchick said...

I think I'll take your word for it on the taste. I'm not sure my head or my liver are up to that kind of thing anymore!