Saturday, March 19, 2005

Busted Bracket

Between yesterday's upsets of Syracuse and Kansas, and today's upset of Gonzaga, my bracket is officially toast. Pretty typical for me, I rock day 1 of the tournament, and by day 2 I'm done. So I guess now I'm rooting for Pacific to upset Washington and hoping that the slipper stays on for Cinderellas like Vermont & Bucknell. And I have a bunch of friends who are Arizona grads, so I guess I'm rooting for them too.

I still love tournament time. Wall-to-wall basketball, buzzer-beaters, overtime, upsets, win or go home. It's the most exciting playoff in sports.

And I'm glad I have TiVo so that I can watch the World Figure Skating Championships later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Gonzaga losing was too bad because I hate Bobby Knight. I must brag that I picked Vermont and UW Milwaukie. I picked Vermont because a 4 seed loses every year in the first round, Syracause can choke, and Vermont looked liked like a good team. UW Milwaukie I picked because they only lost 4 times all year and their best player is a good 3 point shooter. What I always do is the scan the records and look for low seeded teams that very few losses. They usually play an average major conference team and since the differences between the conferences are not so pronounced anymore, it is safe to assume that the lower seeded team who played in a lesser conference is just better.

Bucknell was a shocker though and I'm rooting for UAB right now. Gotta love Squeaky Johnson.


PowerYogi said...

I hear ya ! JUST saw BC lose and with Gonzaga also out my brackets are pretty much toast too.

kim said...

Gonzaga's loss really kills my bracket as well. I'm actually watching the figure skating championships right now and wishing I could exchange my little single axel for one of their soaring doubles. :-)

Loved reading your posts about wakeboarding - sounds like fun.