Monday, March 28, 2005

Boys are shady

At least they are here in San Diego. Here are three recent examples to support this observation.
Last weekend, while watching basketball at our favorite sports bar, a friend's boyfriend's friend was very obviously running game on me. He went so far as to compliment the combination of my ass and my favorite Lucky jeans. Normally, this would be flattering and no big deal, however this cat has previously made attempts on two other chicks in our little circle of friends. Thanks, but I'll pass.

Friday evening I dropped my car off at Best Buy to have my new XM Radio installed (got the Delphi it). I had two hours to kill and the last two Sweet Sixteen games were on, so I set off to find a nearby bar. Hooters was the closest, but I wasn't too keen on going in there as female, party of one. I walked a little farther to Seau's, found a seat at the bar, had some dinner and a couple of beers, and chatted with the folks on either side of me. A while later a group of jokers ended up next to me and insisted on displaying how embarassingly little they knew about NCAA basketball...instant turnoff, and they weren't cute to start with. Best Buy called to let me know the install was done, so I closed out my tab amidst much protesting from the boys..."it's early, you can't leave" "pick up your car and come back" "you have to hang out with us." Just because a girl is sitting at a bar by herself, enjoying a Guinness and mind her own business, does not mean she wants to be picked up.

Saturday night we ended up at Sandbar around midnight. I was talking to a friend of a friend of a friend and he kept trying to make out with me. You'd think after I dodged two or three passes, he'd figure out that I was not going to kiss him. Nope. I was pretty drunk (my farewell party was that night, recap coming soon if crappy ass Blogger cooperates), but not drunk enough to make out with someone at a bar. Here comes the shady part. Fast forward to this I'm leaving the grocery store, I spy Make Out Boy heading into the store with a girl, looking very domestic. What a joker. He's lucky I was in my car and not walking out of the store as he walked in, I may have "slipped" and said something.

Boys are fun, but they sure are trouble.


MargaritaLuvr said...

Boys ARE shady... but girls are no picnic either ;)

OnlineMusing said...

hee hee... looks like u r meeting all wrong guys in last few days :-)