Monday, February 28, 2005


Anderson R1 Admits So-Cal Happy Hour Posted by Hello

If you've met me, you can't play :)

Met up with a great group of fellow Anderson admits in Newport Beach for beverages and conversation. It was really nice to meet everyone and if these guys are any indication, the incoming class will be kicking ass and taking names come fall. They gave me a hard time about turning down Anderson...until they found out my decline would free up some fellowship money, then they were all about me going Chicago. I've got my fingers crossed that some of that money ends up in your pockets, guys.

Wakeboarding was a bust this morning...again. That's 3 strikes now. I have got to hit the lake soon. My regular pull just bought a house in Dallas and will likely be moving before I do, so I need to ride as much as possible in the next couple of months. I just wish the weather would cooperate. It was actually nice today, but there has been so much rain that the boat launch ramps were completely covered (and therefore closed, hence no riding for us). The manager told us that the channel that leads from the launch area out to the main lake, that had a depth of 4-5 feet this summer, is now 27 feet deep. That's how much rain we've had. Crazy.

A couple of blog readers have asked me what wakeboarding is and I realized that I never really explained it. Oops, sorry folks, I guess it's about time I do that. It's why I'm "wakechick" after all (and not because of any association with Wake Forest, right CalGrad?). I'm going to be lazy though. Pretty much every one of my b-school applications had an essay (or part of one) that talked about wakeboarding and/or my knee injury, so I'm going to post one of those next.


sorebrek said...

I'm gonna go with miss i'm-happy-and-myglass-is-empty :-)

byron said...

I'll guess you're the guy in front on the left ;)

Okay, maybe the woman next to him.

MargaritaLuvr said...

Are you in the back, on the left, with the blonde hair? And might Cal Grad be sitting to your right?

I have to admit, I am cheating a little bit here as I am part of the UCLA Yahoo Group. Sorry I missed out on this one, would have been cool to meet two of the bloggers I regularly follow!

Erkki said...

Who's that hot guy in the blue cap?

Wakechick said...

4 women in the pic, and 3 different guesses. Kudos to Ms. Margaritaluvr. I thought most people would have figured me for a blonde. Then again, I'm the least visible in the picture so it was a bit less obvious.

Margaritaluvr, you win. Sorry to inform you there is no prize, only bragging rights.

Erkki, spoken like a true Los Angelean ;)

Cal Grad said...

Congrats ML! Yea, it would have been nice to meet you! If you end up going to A-Days, I might see you there!