Thursday, February 10, 2005


  1. Did my taxes
  2. Submitted my FAFSA
  3. Paid off my car

Now I gotta finish my laundry so I don't have to wear dirty jeans tomorrow.

I hit Costco this weekend. I love that place. I always buy my gas there and I usually pop in to the warehouse to see if there are any books or DVDs worth purchasing. I picked up the Friday Night Lights DVD (great book, OK movie), and I got new socks. What it is about new socks? They just feel so good. My dad and I are of the same opinion: if we were to become incredibly wealthy, our splurge would be a steady supply of new socks. The socks I scored at Costco for cheap are these nice Fila short sport socks, and they are so cushy and have like this built in arch support (or at least they feel like they do). Anyway, we'll see how they wash up. Usually socks don't feel as good after they've been washed, but I've got my fingers crossed this time.

Speaking of socks, my friends and I have developed a theory about socks that disappear. You know how it seems like the washer eats your socks, usually just one from a pair? They vanish without a trace. If your washer or dryer were actually eating them, eventually there would be mechanical problems with the appliance. Socks disappear. There has to be something more sinister. Well, what if it's a conspiracy among sock makers that one or two socks out of every pack is made of vaporizing fibers so one sock eventually *poof* disappears? Wouldn't that be a racket? If they're not doing it yet, someone should look into this, there is a boatload of money to be made.

I was talking to a friend the other day. He doesn't have an MBA, but he was at Stanford recently recruiting MBAs for his company. It was interesting talking to him about the butt kissing going on at their reception and about students stumbling through the case interviews. He wasn't impressed; he felt most of the people he talked to had little experience and bloated resumes. I got the feeling it changed his opinion about my decision to get an MBA. I felt kind of protective at that point, like I had to defend my decision and defend MBA students at a program I didn't apply to/have any interest in. It was weird, but it put things in a different perspective that I will have to keep in mind when I start interviewing for internships.

Yeah, did I mention it's late and I'm waiting on laundry and I'm bored? Jeez, this post was all over the place...and, now you're all saved from my ramblings by the dryer buzzer!


Dave for MBA said...

I get that same feeling of people stepping all over each other all the time at big MBA events. The insecurity of those I see just makes me sick. However, to create an overgeneralization out of that is unfair as well. It's always the same in every situation where a immature people ruin it for others. Hate that. I was at Costco today as well. I also looked at Friday Night lights and considered buying it. But since I didn't hear great reviews on it, I put it back on the shelf. When I ran across Ray, I saw the $33 price tag for the deluxe version and as much as I wanted it.. .couldn't justify the price.

MargaritaLuvr said...

You are RIGHT ON about socks... after about 3 washes they are just no good anymore.