Sunday, February 06, 2005

The sea was angry that day, my friends

The weather had been beautiful here all week. The Santa Anas were blowing, so we had sunshine and 70 degree temps. My friends and I made plans to go wakeboarding, thinking it would be an awesome weekend. I haven't been riding since mid-December so I was jonesin' for some time on the water. Last night when I checked the weather report, it called for mostly cloudy skies with temps in the low 60s and no rain. All systems were go for a morning on the lake before the Super Bowl.

So much for that. It was completely blown out when we got to the lake. Chop, some whitecaps, 50 degrees, raining off and on. The wind calmed down for a little while, so we launched the boat and B. tried to make a go of it. That didn't last long. It was awful. If it's like this next weekend, I may start to lose it. I need a wakeboarding fix.

Since I had to get up early this morning to go on my futile wakeboarding mission, I had a mellow night on the couch last night. Finally watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Hysterical movie, laughed my sober ass off.

As for the Superbowl, let the dynasty talk commence. Good defensive game, not the blowout some were expecting. The coin toss was interesting. They had a kid do it, which was supposed to be cute, but the coin flipped maybe once in the air, if at all. Fair toss? Probably not. Commercials and halftime show were tame like everyone told us they would be. There was a serious overuse of chimps this year. The Blockbuster Online ads were driving me crazy. If you're going to spend all that money for multiple 30 second Super Bowl spots, you'd think you'd want more than one ad version so you don't bore and start pissing off an audience expecting cutting edge, entertaining ads. Just a thought. I thought the Mustang ad was pretty clever, a good way to build buzz for a car that won't be release for another couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jonathan Hurwitz (Wharton grad) who directed the Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (he also wrote the script I believe), we had a free screening at Huntsman Hall last year. The plot itself is clearly idiotic and there in lies its charm. There aren't enough mainstream movies with low brow humor these days but Hurwitz have got the right formula for a quality movie: toilet humor (literally), topless women, cheetah rides and Doogie Howser. It's most memorable scene will definitely be when Harold & Kumar find themselves accidentally caught in the middle stall during a competitive game of 'Battlesh*ts". Girls don't really play that, do they?