Monday, February 07, 2005

For my female readers

(or guys who need gift ideas for their ladies)

A friend of mine started making handbags for herself about a year ago. She developed a couple of nice basic designs and had a knack for finding great fabrics, so of course they got noticed. She now has a website and this has become her part time business while she is in graduate school. Check it out at Janova Design.


PowerYogi said...

here's a thought - maybe you could get her to design a 'wakechick collection' with pockets for all the essentials a girl in b-school could need !

Wakechick said...

PY, that's not a bad idea! A padded pocket for your laptop, pockets for your crackberry/cell phone, powerbars, business cards, etc. I like it :)

PowerYogi said...

let me be the first to know once they're done. might need to pre-order some for the ladies at Chicago. you know, just in case :)