Friday, February 18, 2005


I am all by my lonesome today at the office. All the other finance folks are out today, so it has been pretty quiet. Which is nice because I was up way too late reading last night and I'm a little sluggish today. I have a serious problem with reading "just 10 more pages", or "just one more chapter", as if it's not going to be there on my nightstand, waiting for me tomorrow.

I was really excited last night because my gym is finally offering a cool class. Lately, all they've been offering is: boot camp (yuck, getting yelled at by wannabe military dudes while doing push ups, no thanks), yoga/pilates/yogilates (too new age with not enough cardio for my taste), and spinning (those seats hurt my ka-dunk-a-dunk). Now, they have a gal who is doing hip hop cardio once a week. Great music, fun choreography, and the hour flies by. A nice break from the cardio machine + machine weights monotony I subject myself to the rest of the week.

Three day weekend! Woo-hoo. The bad news is, the weather is suppose to be crappy the whole time, so another week without a wakeboarding fix. This is getting ugly.


sorebrek said...

Same here, but in 10 minutes aregon, swoops and I will be heading beer-wards :-) Hey btw, my down-stairs neighbor could wind up in your class if you decide to go to Chicago. He knows you from the Yahoo group for Chicago admits. Cheers.

Simba said...

Hey Wakechick, I so wish we had such great things in our gyms here in India. Geting a decent cardio-studio with wt-trainings is only like asking for too much out here!! :-)