Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back on topic

We now return to regularly scheduled b-school related stuff, although I haven’t had any interesting blog ideas lately. No inspiration (obviously, since I wrote about socks & laundry last time!), and no new news on the b-school front. Basically, I’m bored at work and looking forward to getting out of town. Philly trip is next week, Chicago trip is the following week. It’s weird; I’m really not sweating the interview portion of my Wharton visit. I've been through enough of the MBA admissions process at this point that I feel prepared for anything. I was pleasantly surprised to get the invite, but it lacked punch after the Chicago phone call. I’ve heard the interview is mainly about fit, and like the interview, these trips are mainly about fit for me. My current offers have me kind of ambivalent about Wharton, so I’m hoping my visits help me form an opinion and prepare for the decision I may have to make between March 24 and April 1. Things could be made very clear after my trips…I don’t click with Wharton and it solidifies Chicago as my top choice. Or, it may confuse things even more. Let’s say I fall in love with Wharton & Philly, or it moves into a tie with Chicago… What if W dings me? Does it take away some of the luster of what has been a pretty awesome application experience? What if W admits me, with no scholly money or less money than Chi? Easy decision if I prefer Chi to W after the trips, tough decision if I feel the opposite. Or, the impossible happens, I cash in all of my karma chips, and the offers are comparable? What then, flip a coin???

Yes, I’m playing the “what if” game and it’s entirely counterproductive. I know I should be playing the “be patient and see what happens” game…but where’s the fun and excitement in that?

Not to mention, I still have to respond to UCLA’s offer by March 1. I think I’m going to try to get a week’s extension, so I can finalize that after my trips. Either way, it will likely be a “thanks, but no thanks.”

BTW, could Blogger be any slower??

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