Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Quick turnaround

Logged into the Chicago application system this evening. My interview is already showing up as "Complete" just two days after it happened. Gotta love interviewers who are on the ball.

On the other hand, the check I mailed to UC Berkeley over a month ago has still not cleared. Huh.

Just finished watching a Tivo'd show and ended up on ABC, which is showing the Nick & Jessica Christmas special. Sugar shock! And quite possibly the worst lip sync job ever by Jessica, which is saying a lot considering her sister Ashlee's botched SNL lip sync. You'd think they'd at least try to make the lip sync flawless this time around. Ugh.

The Amazing Race is back on and this season has been entertaining so far. It is by far the best reality show on TV. Love it. However, they seem to have this recurring theme of subservient, weak women who just take heaps of verbal abuse from their male partners. Last season it was Colin & Christie, this season it's Jonathan & Victoria. I think every episode so far has featured at least one scene of him absolutely SCREAMING at her. We are talking complete meltdown, screeching at her like a little bitch. Where do they find these people?? Anyway, last night's Detour happened at the world's largest IKEA store and was a choice between counting misc items in a large crate (2K+ of all shapes & sizes) or building a desk. So I'm pretty sure I would have opted to build, and I certainly would have switch to build if we were wrong after two counts. There were a couple of teams that just kept counting and getting it wrong, over and over again. It was pathetic. I really think the key to winning this thing is not worrying so much about speed and focusing more on making smart decisions and planning ahead when possible. So many teams have caused their own demise by getting so wrapped up in the race/speed aspect and making really horrible decisions. Although it does make for good TV!

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