Monday, December 13, 2004

Circuit overload

My nerves are fried. The first McCombs admit was posted today on the BW boards, so now I've got two reasons (K & McC) for my heart to stop every time the phone rings.

I was already on edge from the weekend. My upstairs neighbor and his buddies decided to go on a bender and wake the whole apartment building up at 3:30 am Sunday morning. I even heard my neighbor warn his buddy to shut up or else he'd wake up the neighbors...too bad he allowed him to continue to holler obscenities for the next 45 minutes. Then yesterday, I had a ton of laundry to do, 5 or 6 loads, so I had the dryer running all late afternoon and into the evening. We have a shared laundry facility that is adjacent to my apartment on the ground floor. I went in to get my last load out of the dryer around 9:30 pm and was startled to hear snoring outside the window. Some homeless person had found the space between our building and the brick wall next door nice and cozy and warm due to the dryer. I know the homeless have to sleep somewhere, and we certainly have a lot of them in San Diego due to the climate, but I'm not comfortable with one snoring outside my bedroom (my window faces the same brick wall about 10 ft from laundry area). I'm a single woman, and my building is pretty much all single women, save for the guy who lives upstairs. However, he is a doctor and works crazy hours. Plus, he's a little guy, I'm pretty sure I could take him. Anyway, it's a personal safety thing. I don't want this guy figuring out he's got a prime spot, then figuring out we're all women and hanging around long enough to figure out our daily routines. Not cool. So I talked to the gals next door to me, then called the police non-emergency line. They took down my information and said they'd send somebody out. I finally crawled into bed around 1 am, having given up on the cops making an appearance after waiting 3 hrs. Of course I didn't sleep very well because my senses were on high alert and I was wide awake with every noise. The cops never did knock on my door or call me back, and I never heard anybody confront our camper. So now I've got to keep an eye out for him and I've been playing phone tag with my landlord this morning because I need to bring him into the loop. Fun times.


britchick said...

Rolling decisions aren't good for the blood pressure, are they. Especially when your system's already contending with a vat of eggnog and three helpings of pie :)

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