Saturday, December 11, 2004

Doubleheader, baby!

Only in California...

Today, I wakeboarded AND snowboarded, and I was home by 6 pm. Unbelievable! I made plans earlier in the week to go wakeboarding this morning with my friends, B and A. A had been planning to go ride motocross after wakeboarding, but that was moved to Sunday. So she sends me a text message last night to tell me that and ask me if we should hit the mountain instead. A is definitely a little crazy and she has the ability to bring out my crazy side. Last night (still hungover from the office holiday party Thursday night, mind you) I was just crazy enough to say "Sure! Let's do it!"

It sounds ambitious, but it really is do-able here in So-Cal (assuming your body is up to it). A and I met up in Escondido at 7 am and headed up to Lake Elsinore to meet B at 8 am. No fog this time, nothing but clear blue skies, so we launched the boat right away and got to it. The water temperature keeps dropping, it was down to 52 degrees F today, but the air temp was high 60's and we had a dry suit so we were toasty. It was only the three of us and the water was beautiful glass so we each took two nice long sets and got off the water by 11:30. Cleaned up the boat, grabbed some food, then started the trek up to Mountain High. It's right on the border of LA & San Bernadino counties and it's just an hour drive from Lake Elsinore. We were up there by 1 pm and got ready pretty quick for part two of our little doubleheader. This was only the second time I've snowboarded in California (thanks to last year's ACL injury) and my first time at Mountain High. It was pretty nice, although a little crowded which is to be expected on a Saturday at LA's closest ski area. It was warm & slushy spring-like conditions, but we had a good time. We didn't last too long though. A couple of runs and both of us had legs like Jell-O, so we called it a day.

Needless to say, I am one tired kid and I'm going to be one sore kid tomorrow. I think a hot bath with epsom salt is in order. Was the doubleheader fun? You bet. Would I do it again? Maybe. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I feel like a real California girl now.


aregon23 said...

Haven't been up in the mountains all season. This MBA application process is killing me. Just waiting for Jan 7th after which I will be heading for the hills every weekend, hopefully and utilizing my season's pass to the fullest.

Wakechick said...

Aregon, I really hope you're able to hit the mountain soon. Riding (both wakeboarding & snowboarding) is such a great stress reliever for me. So much fun. At which hill do you have a season pass? I'd really like to get up to either Mammoth or Tahoe after the first of the year, hopefully I can round up some friends to get a condo for a weekend.