Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kellogg application submitted

As of 10:58 AM PDT, I have officially become a Kellogg applicant. My mom and I had one final proofreading conference call this morning and I decided my application was ready to be sent off into the wild blue yonder. The past few nights have been late ones, making final adjustments to my essays, trimming them down as much as possible to make sure I stay within the guidelines. Reading through my application as one package, I feel I highlighted my strengths, addressed my weaknesses, laid out my career progression and future goals, answered the questions asked and allowed my personality to come through. I sincerely hope the admissions committee feels the same way.

My Kellogg application is not quite complete. I will submit my transcript during my visit on Thursday. Also, my boss has not yet submitted my recommendation. I'm getting kinda frustrated with him. The first recommendation he started working on was UCLA, which isn't due until Nov 3. He says he wants to finish that one before he starts the others so he doesn't have to generate everything from scratch. That's all fine and good, but why are you working on a recommendation that's not due for two weeks when one is due this week? He assures me he will submit it tomorrow. I'm a little worried because I know he's busy today with his boss in town and one of my co-workers just put in two weeks notice. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer.

Now that I've broken the seal, so to speak, I feel really good about finishing up the remaining four applications. Some of the stuff was actually pretty fun to write about and I think the process is a good experience, no matter the outcome. I'm really excited for my trip to Chicago and I can't wait to see one of my best friends from college. Should be a really good weekend and I will be sure to post a recap when I return with all the info about my campus visits and fun times in Chi-town.


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Riter said...

Great- good luck!! Wow your boss sounds exactly like my boss! The diplomacy I have to use in getting things done- gawd!

aregon23 said...

Good luck with the recommendations. I know exactly how tough it is to get your recommenders to meet deadlines. Specially when you have to be sugary sweet, yet convey a sense of urgency.

DaRaverLA said...

Congratulations! Good luck!