Sunday, February 05, 2006

The fix was in

Worst. Officiating. Ever.


Anonymous said...

yeah.. I'm not a football fan and that Seattle touchdown was complete bullsh*t.

Since when is anyone allowed to move the ball after their knees hit the ground??

Those refs were complete sh*t

rvb1977 said...

Huh? Seattle played lousy. Worst performance ever. And they were the better team, which is what disappointed me...

Wakechick said...

Didn't say Seattle played anything other than lousy. Dropped passes, missed FGs, horrible clock management at the end of both halves. It was disgusting.

That being said, when every questionable call is going one way, and the questionable calls are happening at momentum changing moments, you gotta wonder.

-Ticky tack offensive PI call on D-Jack
-BS low block 15 yarder on Hasselbeck, when he was clearly tackling the interceptor (same as Big Ben vs Indy)
-Drive killing holding penalties, some legit and some not legit, but they weren't calling holding on Pitt

I'm not the only one, many non-Seahawks fans feel the same way:

Chris said...

crap.. what I meant was that the Steelers QB touch-down was complete BS!!

man.. those refs SUCK.

mark and jie said...

I feel for you, that was a tough game to watch. I was just hoping for a good super bowl and was sorely disappointed. I didn't expect Holmgren and Cowher teams to play so badly, but they did. I really didn't expect the ref's to be worse, but they were. It's a shame.

Keep your chin up, though, if Seattle can keep that Hasselbeck/Alexander combo in tact I think they can be back soon.

IceMan07 said...

Amen. A clear ploy to have a Bettis Cinderella story to market the league. I love the Steelers, but something was fishy with that game.

rvb1977 said...

Sorry it took a while to get back. Yes, those calls were horses***. Next year you'll be back.