Thursday, October 27, 2005

I forgot about tests

5 years out of school will do that to you. T minus 30 minutes til my first midterm (Business Statistics). I feel pretty much ready to unleash my stats prowess on this thing. Coming midterms include Operations Management Tuesday morning (open book/open note) and a rumored-to-be-brutal take home group midterm for Microeconomics due Nov 9th. (Seriously, the grapevine is saying the thing will take 20-30 hrs!)

I also had my midterm LEAD feedback session this afternoon. My facilitator and I had a nice discussion about my goals, how I'm progressing, how he and my peers feel I'm doing relative to my goals and the objectives of the course, and how that stacks up with how I think I'm doing. There are certainly some things I dislike about LEAD, but in general I've been really impressed with the content and presentation of the program and I think something to be gained for everyone.

This week has kinda sucked trying to get back on track. Just as I was getting into a rhythm school-wise, I take off for a long weekend in San Diego. The weekend was a lot of fun, although the sun failed to appear AT ALL during my time in SoCal. My friends' wedding was really nice, I got to see some old friends from Richmond, and I also had time to visit with my SD friends. Anyway, I had a boatload of homework and housework waiting for me when I got home Monday evening and I've been playing catch up ever since (and catch up is not easy when in B-school). I'm glad I'm not planning on going anywhere for Thanksgiving, because I would be in bad shape trying to play catch up right before finals.

Congrats to the World Series Champions, the Chicago White Sox! After a nervous September, those guys played lights out in October. Pretty magical run. I'm bummed I'm not going to be able to make it downtown tomorrow for the ticker tape parade.

Off to my test, wish me luck :)


the daily travails said...

good luck with the midterm. i'm sure you'll do great!

micro, huh? are you taking murphy or topel?


and if you're staying in town for thanksgiving, you're invited to dinner! chris is making her famous thanksgiving turkey, and we'd love to have you over.

Þhân†ôm said...

Good luck on your midterms! We just had ours, and we now have a week off, thank goodness ...

And being from Houston, I can't say I agree about the Sox, but differences make the world go 'round I suppose.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm sorta new to the blogging scene, but myself and another Rice (Jones) student decided to start one up. If you ever would like to visit, you can find us at

Keep us posted about those midterms :D

mbafarbe said...

All the best :)