Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Not a happy camper

Of course the weather decided to go straight into the crapper as soon as I had plans to go wakeboarding. Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor.

I guess I should go to the gym and work out after work. But when you were hoping to spend the evening on the lake, the prospect of sweating it out on a cardio machine surrounded by meat heads is not all that enticing.

So it goes.


KV said...

I just got back (2 hours ago) from sunny california back to overcast Seattle so I can relate to you...haha.

Wakechick said...

Not fair, you're supposed to tell me how bad the June Gloom is down there!

KV said...

Well June gloom is more of a So Cal thing. I was in Santa Cruz/Bay Area this weekend and it was great there. However, I did spend the first week of June in OC and it was nice too :-)
Let's hope the weather gets better this weekend so that I can head to Westport.

The Dirty Canuck said...

who you callin' a meat heat?

just kidding. at least you're going to the gym, which is more than i can say for myself. remind me again why i pay them whatever i pay them per month?

also, i realized today that summer is 1/3 over. we are nearly going back to school. ew and yay at the same time.

KV said...

Summer is 1/3 over? Talk for yourself dirty canuck. Summer has not even started for us in Seattle. It's actually pouring right now. I'm not talking about the usually rain-wannabe-can-hardly-fell-it drizzle that we are used to but big heavy rain like you see in California in February.

Truth Fairy said...

Was it Lake Samish or Sammamish? Just wondering coz my brother lives in Sammamish.

Wakechick said...

Samish, up near Bellingham. Both are beautiful lakes, Samish is just closer to where I'm living/working this summer.

Summer is going to try to make a comeback tomorrow, if you have faith in weather forecasters.