Monday, June 06, 2005

Another check off the to-do list

Finished my financial aid application. I feel like I should have signed it in blood. Those are big numbers, even with the scholarship, this is some massive debt about to hit my credit report. Keep repeating the mantra...I'm making an investment in myself that will pay off in the long run. And I'm going to have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Saw two movies this weekend. Went to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with a friend on Friday night. Somewhat disappointing, but an OK chick flick. I enjoyed three of the four plot lines. The fourth sucked out much of my enjoyment of the movie. Went with my folks to see the latest installment of Star Wars this evening. I enjoyed it, despite the typical Lucus hokey dialogue and subpar acting. The story was good and I liked seeing the overall Star Wars tale come full circle.


britchick said...

I got worried by all the zeros I was putting on my financial aid form, next to savings, investments, other assets etc. Well done for getting it out of the way, if it's any concolation, I beleive the fact that someone was prepared to lend you a huge amount of money does good things for your credit rating.

Anonymous said...

It's actually true: carrying large amounts of debt is not automatically negative for your credit report (in the US). In many cases, it's a positive. The other day I had a couple who wanted to buy my car with a loan, even though they had enough cash, JUST so they could establish a credit history.

In the US, the negative credit events are missing payments, late payments, default, etc.

~Zachary Emig

Wakechick said...

It's not worry about my credit rating, it's worry about making enough afterward to pay it back! :)

I remember when I bought my car with a loan, my FICO when up dramatically AFTER said loan hit my credit report and raised my debt-to-income ratio significantly.

FMGirl said...

I saw Traveling Pants this weekend - which storyline ruined it for you?

Wakechick said...

The blonde chick (not the younger girl). She bugged the crap out of me and my friend. I just didn't buy her storyline, or her acting.

How's the healing going?

FMGirl said...

I thought that one was a little far fetched. I didn't get why she was THAT depressed. But I guess I was a 17 year old hoochie so what do I know?

The healing is coming along well, thank you very much! It's starting to hurt A LOT which is good since it was numb up until now.

Make sure you enjoy your summer!