Monday, May 02, 2005

Radio stations

Another interesting aspect of my move from So-Cal to Western WA...

In San Diego, I had a selection of radio stations that included San Diego/Tijuana crossovers that featured a mix of English, Spanish, and Spanglish. They were also required to play the Mexican National Anthem a couple of times a day (usually in the wee hours) and announce their call letters in Spanish. Now, I live closer to Vancouver than Seattle so I have a selection of Canadian stations to choose from. I get to hear the temperature forecast in degrees centigrade, hear "about" pronounced "aboot" and I have options in Chinese and French.


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The Dirty Canuck said...

"yah, so i was sittin' aboot the hoose on the couch yesterday, eh, when it started to snow on the roof, y'know, eh". think about that sentence in CANADIAN. not to foster any stereotypes or anything. you decide where you're living yet? i'm 50/50 and avoiding making a decision.