Thursday, May 26, 2005

Frustration is...

trying to teach your mother how to format an Excel spreadsheet. Especially when she would rather you just wrote down a detailed list of instructions. She'd rather just blindly follow a recipe than actually learn the how & why behind each step for future use. That way when the shit inevitably hits the fan, and she can't get it bolded & aligned exactly the same way, she can blame your crappy incomplete instructions and absolve herself.

My latest pet peeve: People who click the mouse once, and when it doesn't produce their desired result, click-click-click twenty times rapid fire style and act surprised when the result is something undesirable.

I love my mom :)


Code Red said...

I have been training a couple of people lately, and another frustrating situation is people that use the mouse for EVERYTHING in Excel -- instead of command keys. Standing over their shoulder, showing them how to do something seems to last AND ETERNITY!. CTRL+C DAMNIT!!!!! CTRL+C, CTRL+V!!! LET'S MOVE ON WITH OUR DAY HERE PEOPLE!!!!

Alator said...

I can completely understand your frustration. Now that my parents are here for a visit, my father is getting his news about India from the internet.

He thinks that starting the browser is like starting the internet.

He doesn't know what the back button does. His mode of browsing is to go through my bookmarks and then just keep clicking through the links.

He couldn't check his email because he couldn't find the yahoo mail icon anywhere on the desktop.

Wakechick said...

Code red--OMG YES Exactly! A few years ago I was mouse dependent, but then I saw the light and learned the keyboard shortcuts. Can't imagine working in Excel without them.

Alator--I hear ya. My dad knows his stuff, but mom struggles.