Monday, November 01, 2004

4 down, 1 to go

Submitted my Anderson app today and my Texas app over the weekend. I'm in the home stretch now with just Chicago remaining. I have procrastinated like crazy on a couple of the Chicago essays (because they're a bit off the wall) so I need to get crackin'. I'll be headed up to LA later in the week for my interview. I'm still waiting to hear about a Chicago interview. There were none available while I was visiting and my original off-campus interview request was received but not matched up so I had to re-request it last week. Still no word on that. Cue the Jeopardy theme music for all of this waiting.

My boss received his thank you gift on Friday, but told me today that he could not accept it. So awkward! I'm really disappointed that he won't accept it. Well, now I have two nice bottles of wine from my home state for a special occasion. My friends and I will probably have an orphans Thanksgiving since we are all from other places and unable to go home until Christmas. I'll break out the good stuff for that. Plus, my parents went to the Oregon-Washington State game a few weeks ago and picked up some Cougar Gold, a delicious and award-winning cheese produced by the WSU Creamery. She promised to send me a can for Thanksgiving and it will go great with the wines I selected.

I am soooooo ready for the election to be over, but I fear that it will drag out even more than it did last year, with all these teams of lawyers geared up in their Lear jets, ready to jump on the slightest hint of impropriety. I'm trying to finish reading up on the 53,426 propositions I must vote on tomorrow (really, it's more like 10 local and 20 state, but still...that's a lot of information and MISinformation to sort through and arrive at an informed decision). I talked to my mom earlier and I wanted to vomit when she dropped a "Fair and Balanced" on me and made fun of C-SPAN for giving full coverage of today's final push of the Kerry stumping. Hey mom, lay off the Fox News, they aren't exactly fair and balanced either. Damn, just got another spam phone call from the Lori Saldana for Assembly camp. They've been averaging 2 a day! Enough already!!!! Yes, I'm voting tomorrow, and no, I'm not going to promise my vote to anyone because it's noneyabizness ;)


Reflection said...

So sorry to hear about your break up but hopefully you're doing better. Hopefully you have a place to live soon.

oh, and if you're up for getting together to talk about b-school or whatever, let me know...

- reflection (

Wakechick said...

Oh, I'm fine. Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't living him, just staying with him for a couple days while my apartment building was fumigated. I'm back home now :) Thanks for your kind wishes!

britchick said...

Congrats on the submissions. Waiting for interviews is a pain isn't it?

aregon23 said...

Chicago Alumni interviews have been pretty had to set up. I have been trying to set mine up and haven't received a single nibble. I very much prefer the Michigan/Kellogg version where either you can select the alumni you want to interview with or they send you a name themselves. This blind interview set up doesn't provide you with an option to contact the alumni directly.

Congratulations on wrapping up 4 applications. Good luck with Chicago.