Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Earthquake update & stupid drunks

Here's a link to the preliminary report

Not a very bad one. 5.1, 55 miles off the coast just south of the border and about 9 miles deep. No threat of a tsunami to any of the west coast. They had been predicting an earthquake around a magnitude of 6+ in Southern CA. Predition Link No significant damage or injuries being reported thank goodness.

On a somewhat crazier note, I live out at the beach. A lot of young people live out there and it has a pretty good nightlife, so crazy things happen from time to time. For example, most people who live in PB have beach cruisers, i.e. granny bike with big handle bars, comfy seat, and a basket. Easier to get around PB on a bike and you don't have to worry about parking, but you still have to be careful because the cops can issue you a bike DUI. Seriously, and it's very funny to see it happen. However, this is definitely one of the crazier things in awhile. I may even classify it as crazy with a K.

Drunk Driver Hits 20 Cars

OK, if you're so wasted that you can't drive down the street without hitting a dozen parked cars, how did you even manage to get the key in the ignition???

No MBA-related updates today. I've got too much to do at work (when I'm not diving underneath my desk) and I have several errands to run this evening to purchase odds-n-ends for my trip.

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