Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Not sure how I managed to crack the Clear Admit top 10 since I've been totally MIA lately (and I was a loser and didn't even complete a ballot). But to those who voted, thanks for thinking of me. I hope my once-in-a-blue-moon posts put a smile on your face.

It's not that I haven't had time to blog, I'm just lacking a little inspiration and a lot of motivation. School-wise, this quarter has been a piece of cake compared to last quarter...my internship is all lined up, I'm taking 3 classes (instead of the killer 4 last quarter), and my involvement in student group activities is moderate. So why am I so scatterbrained, stressed out, and procrastinating my way to insanity? Well, I have a few friends who are moving, one friend who is dealing with medical issues, and the kicker...my dad has asked my mom for a divorce after nearly 34 years of marriage and 15 years of business partnership and has moved in with a woman with whom he's "just friends."

All I have to say is thank god this didn't happen last quarter or I would be a total basket case. Honestly though, I'm OK, just worried about a lot of other people right now so blogging is pretty low on the priority list. But I am keeping up on my blog reading. It's a great way to escape, so keep up the good work guys and gals :)


Anonymous said...

ouch, divorce, bad times.

Le Voyageur said...

what a whammy girl. sorry to hear it, hope you're doin' alright...

KV said...

Awww this is so sad. I hope things will get better for you soon.

Dirty_Martini said...

so sorry to hear... I hope it all works out.

slice of paradox said...

jas read 1 post of urs.. touched by modesty and simplicity..

i wish u luck to cope with all the problems of urs.

Anonymous said...













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