Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Final week of freedom

This is it. The last hurrah. A week from today, Chicago GSB will own me. Until then, I'm going to be lazy. Sleep in. Do something, do nothing, whatever I feel like.

August in Chicago, free as a bird, is cool.

My Wazzu friends and I had a friend/sorority sister in town from Seattle this past weekend. Fun stuff, pics below. We did the John Hancock tower, Millenium Park, shopping on the mile, etc. But the coolest thing was meeting up some guys my friend T knows and going on their sailboat for a sunset sail along the shore of the city.

Sunset Sail

View from the Ladies Room, Signature Lounge, John Hancock Tower

Skyline & Us in the reflection of the MP Bean

Millenium Park "Bean"

Wazzu ladies night out in Chicago

This weekend should be fun too. It's a holiday weekend and it's my birthday weekend. My birthday falls on Labor Day this year, just like it did 28 years ago...yep, Mama labored on Labor Day. Anyway, we've got another Wazzu friend coming in from Seattle, we're going to the White Sox/Tigers game on Sunday, then Jimmy Buffet @ Wrigley Field on Monday. I will be spending my birthday, AKA the day before school starts, in Margaritaville...God help me :)

Oh and I forgot to mention....WSU Cougar Football kicks off this week! It's the most wonderful time of the year. My boys play Idaho Thursday evening. Fox Sports NW is going to be carrying the game live, and I'm determined to find a bar in this city that's got it. Go Cougs!


KV said...

Wakechick you're all nice and all but it's all about the Cal Bears and the Trojans ;-)

Happy early bday :-)

PowerYogi said...

hey wc,
all i could see instead of the pics were these blank icons, and when i clicked on one of those, i got a HUGE red warning page in Arabic telling me that I was attempting to access indecent material (i am still in the Middle East)

;-) ;-)

byron said...

Great pictures, WC! Chris and I are going to the Signature Room in a couple of weeks for an enCORE event. Should be fun.

Birthday in Margaritaville... there are worse fates, I'm sure. Happy birthday :)

Wakechick said...

Great story Yogi...yes, picutres of completely clothed blonde American women...completely indecent! Too funny

Metal said...

Some nice pics there, especially of the Chicago skyline. Happy B'day and have a rocking day tomorrow.