Friday, August 13, 2004

Still ridiculously busy at work, and it looks like it should stay this way the rest of the month. Oh, joy!

I got a huge kick out of Chicago's essay questions. How much fun are those going to be? They may be the thing that convinces me to apply there, just because I'll have a blast writing their essays. I really want to limit myself to 5 applications. I don't want to sacrifice quality pumping out any more applications then necessary and I don't want to create too much of a burden for my recommenders. Adding Chicago would put me at 5, but that would mean not applying to Texas which I'm loathe to do. I've heard awesome things about Austin, there's a fantastic wakeboarding scene, UT has a great sports tradition and a large sports business student group. So that means I either have to bump it up to 6 or drop one of Kellogg/Wharton/Haas/Chicago/Anderson. Anderson & Haas are a given, because they are good programs, great brand (particularly on the west coast), I'm a CA resident, proximity to the media & entertainment mecca of LA, etc etc. Kellogg is pretty much for sure, due to the culture, location, size, brand, prestige in marketing, etc. I think it will come down to choosing between Chicago & Wharton. Argggh! I need to kick that around a bit over the weekend and make a decision ASAP.

But let's face it, I probably won't get much done this weekend because...the Olympics start today! I can't wait. My friend is having a Greek themed party tonight for the Opening Ceremonies, complete with spanokopita (sp?), greek salad, and wine...lots of wine, I'm sure. Thank goodness I have DVR, because tomorrow a friend is having a beach party during the day and another friend is having a birthday party in the evening. I will have to catch up on Saturday's action on Sunday. It should work out well because I will be able to skip all the commercials and boring special interest bits and move right into the action.

In this post-911 world, I am seriously concerned about our athletes at the games. I'm praying that we will never see another Munich. I've heard stories that our athletes are keeping a low profile, wearing less red/white/blue/USA stuff. I think that's sad, but smart. However, if I looked at the situation strategically, it makes more sense to strike somewhere unexpected if everyone is focused on Athens. It will be an interesting couple of weeks and I think the world will be holding it's collective breath until the games close.

On a more positive note, my Washington State Cougars open the 2004 College Football season just three weeks from today at New Mexico...GO COUGS!!! College football is my favorite sport to watch and I've been eagerly awaiting kickoff.

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