Thursday, July 22, 2004

Progress is good

Last night I went on a little fishing expedition. I looked up contact information for student groups related to sports/entertainment/media management at each of the programs I'm considering and sent out several emails in search of more information about the clubs, job/networking prospects, and the programs in general. To my pleasant surprise, I found a few responses in my inbox this morning. I figured it may take awhile to get a response since everyone is busy with internships this time of year, but a few kind souls were nice enough to reply back and answer my questions or offer to speak to me on the phone. I think this will provide some key information for me to finalize my list of schools and will help me be able to articulate why I'm interested in program X in my why MBA/why now/why program X essays. Good stuff, indeed.

Today, I'm cutting out of work early to head up to LA for the Wharton information session. Looking forward to meeting the infamous Dirty Martini there. Wharton is a program that I'm kind of "on the fence" about. Given my post-MBA aspirations, I'm not sure it's a natural fit, but it's worth getting some more information so I can get off the fence and move on with things. Traffic is going to be a nightmare no matter what time I leave. The info session is near the notoriously bad area of LAX, and OC/LA traffic in general sucks. It could be 11 pm on Saturday night and still be bumper-to-bumper on the 405. I will probably hit traffic before I even get north of La Jolla. Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack was yesterday and they are racing this afternoon so it could be ugly for most of the 120 mile trip. Yippee! Wish me luck.


aregon23 said...

Went for the Wharton session in SFO yesterday. Thought it was pretty good. You probably don't need to attend if you are already up to speed on the application process, but it is absolutely excellent for you to get a first hand glimpse of what kind of people get into Wharton. The alumni I spoke with were extremely accessable and very willing to share their experiences. I definitely thought it was worth the hassle.

Dave for MBA said...

Happy you got that info from the people you requested contact with. According to Swoop and Aregon, I think you'll have some good info and motivation to walk away with.

Dirty_Martini said...

And, I'm looking forward to meeting the infamous Wakechick!